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JETLOGGER Documentation system

professional documentation system for the installer

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JetLogger is a professional documentation system for the installer who need an efficient and professional electronic documentation of the cable blowing process. Jetlogger is developed together with installers , network owners and approved by German Telecom – ZTV TKNetz 40. Jetlogger can be delivered to following models: V0- V0 HD- V2 and V3.


  • Individual input describing the job, cable and pipe/duct.
  • Automatic input of temperature, humidity and the exact position by GPS.
  • Monitoring every 1.0 m:
    • The air pressure
    • Speed
    • Distance
    • Pushing force
  • These parameters are presented live on the tablet giving the user a full view over the process.
  • Automatic safety shutdown if optimal pushing force is exceeded .
  • A protocol in PDF format can be saved and possibly sent to the network owner.
  • Memory for most used Cable and Duct data.
  • Independent of the Cloud.
  • Via the GPS position a link to Google map makes it possible to see the exact location.
  • Built-in 4G modem with SIM card slot.
  • Supports all cloud services such as dropbox, onedrive, google drive, apple icloud etc.



In the JetLogger you find the OCPC system
( Optimal Cable Pipe Combination).
The OCPC system is an intelligent system helping you to get the optimal pipe and cable combination for optimal blowing conditions. (Fill factor).

Jetlogger Documentation System